Official Video of Kawasaki Z650 (ER-6n Replacement)

Official Video of Kawasaki Z650 (ER-6n Replacement)

2017 Kawasaki Z650 is the most interesting middleweight street machine from the bike maker, specially if considered from an Indian biker’s point of view. Expected to replace the dated Kawasaki ER-6n, the Z650 has a potential to change the way biking is seen in the country. It would be priced around INR 5.2 lakh, making it the most exciting option when it comes to the ownership of superbike in the country. Kawasaki is the most trusted brand across others in this segment, helping the 187 kg, 68 HP street fighter in fetching more sales than ever.

The nearest competitor, Benelli TNT600i weighs 231 kg while its peak power (83.90 BHP) is reached at 11500 rpm. On the other hand, the very much lighter Z650 produces the power at 8000 rpm, making it relaxed and better performer in all terms. Kawasaki Z650 even comes with 11 Nm of more torque than the TNT600i. The updated design, lightweight chassis and powerful presence makes it the best bike when considering an update from those everyday racers.

Complete Specifications of Kawasaki Z650:

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